What can you tell me about BVI BC Shares?

The accepted type of shares in BVI is the registered shares, since the BVI legislators are moving towards eliminating bearer shares from the legislation. The Registered Shares and Bearer shares are allowed in BVI, however the BVI Companies Act, 2004 impose a requirement for immobilization of bearer shares with the approved Custodian. The Custodian shall be approved by the FSC. The Registration of BVI BC which allows the issuance of bearer shares also is higher then with the registered ones and costs 1000USD payable to the Governement. The information about the shareholders is safely and confidentially kept at your companiy’s registered office.

In case you want to keep the highest confidentiality level possible, you can use our service of a nominee shareholder to our clients, which we provide with a Declaration of Trust in favour of the beneficial owner as well as an open-dated Share Transfer signed by the nominee.