Seychelles Tradezone

Establishing your business in the Seychelles International (Tax Free) Trade Zone

The SITZ is a unique investment opportunity for foreign companies seeking a tax free environment.

Some major concessions granted to promoters are as follows:

  • No taxation
  • Annual licence fee fixed for life
  • Free working permits for foreign labour
  • Residence permit for foreign staff members and their families
  • Competitive leasing rates on SITZ premises

The following business activities are allowed in the SITZ:

  • Re-distribution of goods from Seychelles to foreign markets
  • Light assembly, manufacturing or processing of goods for foreign markets
  • Provision of export services

All projects must be geared predominantly towards the export market, and must not pose a threat to the environment.

The annual licence costs are as follows:
Redistribution licence 550
Light assembly licence 550
Manufacturing licence $2700 + US$1300 processing fee
Processing licence $2700 + US$1300 processing fee
Export services licence, including headquarters operation $1500 + US$ 500 processing fee


Our Lawyers will ensure that all legal requirements are met. Incorporation of your company, labour contracts, Trade Marks & patents.

Our Business Consultants will provide you answers to questions on the specifics of your intended project. Taking into consideration your needs and your expectations, our consultants will do a thorough study and analysis on the viability of your project, adapting it to the FSA framework, and the Seychelles environment. Your project will benefit from our expert advice allowing you to proceed in the appropriate manner towards a profitable enterprise.

Our Project Managers will stand by you and present your intended project at meetings with FSA, assist with all formalities required for licences, negotiate leasing of the premises and services to the premises, as well as establishing the premises to commence the operations, including communication facilities, furniture and equipment as well as assistance with immigration formalities to obtain work and residence permits for members and staff of the project.

Our Accountants will keep records of accounts and keep your company on the road to prosperity. 

Our comprehensive package of services is as follows:

  • Introductory meeting with business entrepreneurs, discussing the specifics of the project, their needs and their expectations
  • Studying and analysing the viability of the project memorandum and adapting it to the FSA framework, including translation into English or French, if necessary
  • Presentation of project to the FSA, securing of the premises and services to the premises, as well as communication facilities required by the project
  • Assisting with meetings with the FSA representatives where details of the implementation will be considered
  • Formal application for official approval of the project
  • Follow-up with the FSA representatives during consideration of the application, and furnishing any additional information required
  • After formal approval of the project has been obtained from the FSA, preparation of all official documents required for the registration of the SITZ company, and the securing of all necessary facilities
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary licences to commence operations
  • Assistance with immigration formalities to obtain work and residence permits for members of the project

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