UK Private Limited Companies

The UK Private Limited company is a very flexible corporate vehicle.

It can be founded with an initial capital of just 1 GBP. It requires only one Director and no Company Secretary and presently its profits are taxed at a rate of 20% from next year as long as they are under 300,000 GBP, one of the lowest rates of the European Union. Both the Director and the Company Secretary can be corporate entities, but at least one director should be an individual. With respect to the high-tax Northern European jurisdictions, even incorporation of existing businesses in the UK by transferring them physically or selling them to the UK companies and leaving them physically where they are may be very efficient. Such moves may reduce overall salary costs by up to 50% and the costs of administrative and regulatory compliance by 30%.

The main advantages of incorporating your business in form of a limited company can be summarized as follows:

  • The company has a separate legal existence from management and from shareholders
  • The initial capital requirements are low
  • The liability of shareholders is limited
  • The company's name is protected
  • The company has flexible borrowing powers
  • The company continues existence despite death, bankruptcy, resignation of management or shareholders
  • The interests and obligations of management are clearly defined
  • Appointment, retirement or removal of Directors is straightforward
  • New shareholders and investors can be easily assimilated
  • Employees can acquire shares


Type of entity: Resident
Type of Law: Common
Shelf company availability: Yes
Our time to establish a new company:
1-7 days
Corporate taxation: LTD's pay Corporation Tax at the rate of:
  • 20% where the net profit before tax does not exceed GBP 300,000.
  •  21% where profits exceed GBP 300,000.
Double taxation treaty access: Yes
Share capital or equivalent
Standard currency: GBP
Permitted currencies: Any
Minimum paid up: GBP 1 
Usual authorised: GBP 1,000


Minimum number: 1
Publicly accessible records: Yes
Location of meetings: Anywhere
Company Secretary
Required: No
Local or qualified: No
Requirement to prepare: Yes
Audit requirements: Yes
Requirement to file accounts: Yes
Publicly accessible accounts: Yes
Requirementc to file annual return: Yes
Change in domicile permitted: Yes, but subject to approval

Step 1 – Approve the name

You may not be able to have the LTD name that you want if your proposed name is the ‘same as’ that of another LTD or other body corporate already on the registrar’s index of names. There is an exception to this if an existing body is in the same group as your LTD and consents to the use of your proposed LTD name.

The name check can be done through the registrar’s index of names by using the WebCheck service.

Mandatory words

The name of a private company limited by shares or guarantee must end with “limited” or “Ltd”. However, if the registered office is stated as being situated in Wales (a “Welsh” company), its name may instead end with “cyfyngedig” or “cyf”

Language of the name

Names may be expressed in any language using the Latin alphabet. 

Step 2 – State corporate features of your future company

You can either fill in the Instruction form or simply send us the details:

The Authorised Capital

A United Kingdom Company can express its share capital in any currency, sterling is standard. Our standard pre-incorporated Private Limited Companies are incorporated with a share capital of £1000 divided into 1000, £1 paid shares. The minimum paid up share capital is £1.  


Please provide details of the director(s) of the company. Both corporations and natural persons may act as directorsbut at least one director should be an individual. The minimum number of directors is one. They may be of any nationality and need not be residents of the UK. If you wish, Apollo can provide you with professional (nominee) directors.


Please provide us with shareholders' details. A company should have a minimum of one shareholder and the names of the subscribing shareholders will appear on public record. These can, however, be nominees. In order to increase the confidentiality you may opt for Apollo nominee shareholder’s services.

Step 3 – We register your company with the features of your choice

Certificate of Incorporation is issued within one working day. The registration documents are shipped to our head office where your order is finalized and any additional documents are prepared. 
The documents which are included in the basic corporate set are as follows:

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Share certificate(s);
  • Minutes of the first meeting of founders;
  • Register of Directors, and Secretaries.

Once the documents are ready the order is dispatched to you immediately by any courier service.

Incorporation Fee / Incorporation Fee (urgent)

£900 / £1000

TOTAL (1st year)

£900 / £1000

Annual costs

Annual Fee


Filing of Annual Returns


TOTAL per annum from 2nd year from



1.Apostille / Apostille (urgent)

£250 / £350

2.Additional Power of attorney (APOLLO provides the nominee)


3.Director (including General Power of Attorney)


4.Nominee Shareholder


5.Tax Letter


6.Issuing of Share Certificate


7.Company Seal


8.Certificate of Good Standing


9.Changing company name




11.Registered Address


12.UK Address with Secretarial Services

From £600

13.Courier Dispatch


14.Dormant Accounts



From £1000

16.Amendment of M&AA


17.Signing documents by Director


* Please note that prices are reduced and are negotiable for professional clients seeking volume purchasing. Contact the Seychelles head office for further details. 

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