Website andbank.com
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Jurisdictions Andorra
Services Private banking, asset management. Corporate and personal accounts.
Type of accounts Corporate, personal

Founded in Andorra in 1930 Andbank is the oldest firm of private bankers in Andorra. Privety owned by the third generation of the Cerqueda family. Now the bank is the product of the 2001 merger between Bank Agricol (owned by the Cerquesda Family) and Banca Reig (owned by the Reig family). It is directed by a team of independent professionalsand has a network of over 16 offices in three continents.

Required documents: 

  • full set of corporate documents
  • internal passport
  • international passport
  • utility bill for residential address confirmation
  • contracts
  • financial report for last year

Note: All documents should be in English. In case of other languages, the documents should be translated and chopped by translation agency.

If the company is more than one year Certificate of Good Standing with Apostile should be provided.

Min deposit on the acc:

500 000 EUR/USD

Time frame:

7 w.d. since documents and forms are sent to the Bank.

Other information:

Personal visit is required.

The Bank may request any additional information or documents as per its discretion.